Stephon Marbury Finally Pays Off His Mistress

Former NBA star Stephon Marbury has finally finished paying his mistress her $900,000 in hush money. How you pay someone almost $1 million to keep the mouth shut. Well easy, if you are at the height of your career and you are married, and some ish about who you sleeping with gets caught up in the tabloids, well you just tell your mistress to take this money and be quiet. Simple right?
Well Thurayyah Mitchell — the personal chef he banged in 2006 had a legal agreement she would keep quiet about the affair, if he coughed up $900,000. Well things were going smooth up until the $600,000 mark because Marbury had stopped paying. So what did Mitchell do, well she took him back to court earlier this year and a judge ordered him to pay the lady her money.

According to new court docs, Marbury has now paid the full outstanding debt of $341,153 and all’s square once and for all.

Maybe that’s why he continued to play ball overseas in China. He was tryna make up those extra dollars to finish paying off his mistress. Good job Marbury. Lesson of the day: having a mistress is expensive.


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