Kanye always finds a way to get talked about. As much as he hates the paparazzi, we are starting to believe that he must love all of the attention because he is always doing something to make the top headlines. The dude is really a genius if you ask us. He is always in the tabloids and blogs, and this past weekend was no different.

The rapper kicked off his Yeezus tour in Seattle this weekend, and he let it all out on the table and gave his fans an excellent show. He performed most of his songs from the his new album Yeezus, including “Black Skinhead” and “Blood on the Leaves,” but he also song a few of his hits like “Stronger” and “Jesus Walks.”

And the concert was taken to another level when Yeezy scaled a mountain at one point in the show, and even performed a number of his songs with a very special guest — a man dressed up as Jesus Christ.

Now we not sure if this is pure arrogance or if this is yeezy yet again proclaiming himself to be the best and have the most effect on people like Jesus did. Come on people, don’t be mad, it’s Kanye West!!!

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