Miley Cyrus Has Officially Twerked Her Way to the Top


Miley Cyrus’  latest album, Bangerz, sold 270,000 copies over the past week–nearly three times as many copies as her previous album moved in its debut–giving the 20-year-old her fifth No. 1 album.

Like are we really surprised. Miley has been killing the game for a while. And while on the subject of killing; Miley is determined to kill off Hanna Montana. Miley wants her own identity and what people fail to realize is that Hanna Montana was a character while Miley Cyrus is the real person.

With all the twerkin action and the stick out of the song, Miley has changed game for artists like her. And she is pretty much saying do as you feel and be who the heck you want to be. Forgot what everyone else has to say.


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