Woman-Forced-To-Give-Birth-On-The-StreetThis picture is about to go viral because it is just ridiculous. It is being reported that director of a Mexican medical clinic was suspended because a pregnant was denied care and forced to give birth outside the facility last week.

Dr. Adrian Cruz was cut loose from the Rural Health Center as officials investigate why Irma Lopez, 29, was turned away by medical staff. As a result of this, the innocent lady was forced to give birth to her child outside in the grass. The pictured was taken and now it is going all over the internet.

A nurse said Lopez was only eight months pregnant and “still not ready” to deliver. Just an hour and a half later, as her husband pleaded with the nurse to call for help, Lopez’s water broke and she gave birth to a son, her third child.

“I did not want to deliver like this,” the mother told the Associated Press. “It was so ugly and with so much pain.”
A witness took a picture of Lopez with her baby boy still attached by the umbilical cord and gave it to a reporter. The disturbing photograph quickly circulated and ran on the front page of one newspaper, La Razón de México.

This story is pretty sad and we hope that stuff like this doesn’t happen a lot. Unfortunately we do not know the status of the mother and child but we hope everyone is safe and sound. Wonder if there will be a law suit.



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