We wonder if this is the same video tied to the one that she was shooting in Brooklyn’s Coney Island….

Beyonce-filming-a-music-video-at-the-Coney-Island-2237983 beyonce-wm9002

Rumors are beginning to circulate a lot now about Beyonce shooting her new music video in London. How she shooting a new video and we didn’t even get a single yet. But this lady is super smart. She probably gone make all her videos and then release her singles (with the videos following right after). So while she taking some time off to be with Hubby Jay while he is out on tour, it would be like she never left. Because we gone be getting hit after hit and video after video.

Thanks to all her fans, we got a glimpse of some twitter comments that were made about casting calls for beyonce’s video. Check out the twitter pics for yaself.

Screen-Shot-2013-10-11-at-13_02_44 Screen-Shot-2013-10-11-at-13_04_15

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