It’s that time of the year again, and everyone is on edge to see if the Government can come up with a budget by 11:59pm Monday night. And if they don’t then the United States faces a Government Shutdown. So what does that mean: all non-essential Government workers will be out of work—ok so many of you are like well I’m not a Government employee, so I’m safe. Well think again folks because without these workers, all of Government businesses shut down. 

All federal buildings will be shut down including museums, federal court buildngs (so if you were getting married in a court house on that Tuesday October 1, 2013, think again), national security can become unsafe. All museums and national parks will be shut down (so sorry if you have tickets already), there will be VISA and Passport delays, so sorry if you were going out of the country. And many other things that will be affected.

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