It has been reported that Marilyn Edge, 42  of Scottsdale, Arizona was charged Monday with two counts of murder with special circumstances in the deaths of her two children, daughter Faith, 9, and son Jaelen, 13. She allegedly poisoned them in a California hotel room to prevent turning custody over to their father in Georgia, reports the CBS Atlanta.

Mark Edge (the father of the two children) was awarded custody by a Georgia Judge while Marilyn Edge was ordered to pay child support.

Instead of taking the children to their father in Cobb County, Georgia, Mrs. Edge allegedly poisoned them in a Santa Ana, California hotel room before crashing her car into an electrical box outside a Home Depot in Costa Mesa, California. Like really lady, did you have to kill your kids. Why didn’t you just kill yourself and let them live their lives. This world is cray.





  1. Idk but It seems like if she crazy or something Bcuz I can’t understand y she did dat to her kids, but i truly believed dat she was fully possessed by a demon

    • she was definitely possessed by something, because you have to be really heartless to kill your own kids and to kill both of them was just unacceptable.

  2. Splitting couples hurt their kids in too many ways to count. Never getting out of prison would be a start in this case. AND it should be national news! Many never heard of this, probably because they are black.

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