It is being reported that the town of Lyons Colorado is being evacuated by the Colorado National Guard because of flooding. Gov. John Hickenlooper informed that the Colorado State transportation officials issued an emergency alert to residents in four  counties warning them to stay off roads because many are unstable and could give way without notice.

According to CNN, “Flooding concerns also caused problems in Fort Collins, where some residents had been urged to leave their homes, and in Denver, where police rescued a man who had been swept into a drainage pipe with his dog. Both were rescued after traveling two blocks in the water, police said on Twitter.”

We hope that everyone is ok and hope that people pay attention to the news anyway possible. Because any time that people are warned not to do something, they end up nt listening. Yall remember in New Jersey back when hurricane Sandy hit and everyone was advised not to stay on the shore, and they didn’t listen…..People were trapped and harmed. PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE listen to your local folks people.

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