cant hear it

So here is the story,

Yesterday we reported to you that George Zimmerman beat his wife a**…. So what actually happened, is that George’s wife called the police and spoke to the 911 dispatcher and reported that George had a gun and that he was threatening to shoot them (them being George’s wife and her father). She also reported that George broke her Ipda and smashed it on the floor. And then if you listen to the 911 call you hear her say something about a women in there….

So we heard through the grapevine that George Zimmerman allegedly was cheating on her with his ex fiance….Damn this story just keeps getting more and more interesting. Cant wait for more details on this….But the crazy part is that after all was said and done and the cops were there, she decided to retract her statement and said George never had a gun, and none of the things she reported never happened, so she dropped the charges and George wont be charged. (Betchu one of the lawyers called and threatened her that she wont get none of that divorce money).

Shellie Zimmerman

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