Benedict College Freshman Gives Birth, Bleeds To Death In Dorm Room [VIDEO]


Ayaanah Gibson, a pregnant student at Benedict College in Columbia, South Carolina, lost consciousness and bled to death in her dorm room after going into spontaneous labor, according to the LA Times.

The 19-year-old freshman from Sacramento was alone over the long Labor Day weekend when she suddenly went into Labor. It is unclear why she did not contact authorities or help but it ended tragically.

She was found dead late Tuesday night, along with her baby, which appeared to be stillborn, according to Richland County coroner, Gary Watts.

Look at the report from the LA Times:

“She died from a loss of blood due to a spontaneous delivery,” Watts said in a telephone interview with the Los Angeles Times. He said Gibson, a chemistry major, was 30 to 32 weeks pregnant.

Watts said there was no indication of foul play. He said toxicology tests will be performed to determine whether Gibson was taking medication that might have interfered with her judgment or caused her to lose consciousness.

Gibson likely would have survived if she had received immediate medical attention, Watts said.

Gibson did not call 911 or otherwise seek help. She lived in a single-person dormitory room at Benedict, a small, private college in downtown Columbia. The school is located within 1½ miles of South Carolina’s three largest hospitals.

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