According to Paula Patton, Robin Thicke is just the best and always makes her laugh. Not only that but she feels as though she is the luckiest woman alive (girl you can’t be more luckier than Beyonce). Check out a piece of a recent interview she did about the hubby:

YourTango: Many women consider you the luckiest woman alive with a great career, gorgeous baby son and that husband.
Paula Patton: I am so blessed. I think hard times in life really make you appreciate the love and the good times. I’ve gone through some hard times, so I appreciate my great blessings every single day.

YourTango: What’s the best part of being in love with Robin Thicke?
Paula Patton: He loves me so much and the feeling is mutual. The best is when you love someone deeply and those feelings are equally returned. Also, Robin is really there for me. When times are good or bad or sad or happy or boring, just having somebody by your side to help you through means everything. I know I can count on him standing right next to me always.

YourTango: Finish this sentence. A great guy …
Paula Patton: A great guy loves you with all of your baggage.

HMMMMM so now the question is, what is all this baggage that Paula has, because we all know that everybody thinks she be higher than a kite.

Read More of the Interview

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