Molly — the innocuous street name for an illegal drug linked to at least three fatal overdoses in the past month — sounds more like someone’s great-aunt than an illegal drug. MOlly is also known as “Russian Roulette” which may be more fitting.

“When a buyer abuses something called Molly, there’s no way to tell what’s in it, that’s the most dangerous thing about these drugs” Rusty Payne, a spokesperson for the Drug Enforcement Agency reported.

This party drug is believed to be responsible for two deaths and for sickening several more attendees of last week’s Electric Zoo music festival in New York, though final toxicology reports are still pending. Earlier in the week, Molly, which sells for $30 to $50 in capsule pill or powder form, was linked to another death at a concert in Boston.

“We’re seeing more people in the E.R., more people with toxic reactions and more overdoses from the drug.” Dr. H. Westley Clark, Director for the Center of Substance Abuse Treatment reported.


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