Now we know that there are some real silly and stupid people in the world, but seriously how stupid can you be. Aight so a few days ago, there were three robbery suspects who spray painted a stolen vehicle while attempting to evade police. They spray painted the car because they knew the police would be looking for that vehicle color. But the fools never did change the license plate so they were still caught.

Here is the story: August 24th three men showed up at a residence in Everett, Washington to steal a pickup truck. They beat up the truck owner and his friend so badly that they had to be hospitalized. They then proceeded to head to Canada. On the way they decided to ditch the truck and stole a green Nissan which had South Dakota license plates on it. 24 hours after the first theft, while driving they saw a deputy police car and immediately thought that they were caught, so they started speeding (which is what actually got the cop’s attention) and as a result, a chase began. The robber prevailed because the police car lost sight of the green Nissan. The next morning law enforcement spotted a similar looking vehicle parked near a local high school.
It had been spray painted black, but had the same license plates as the Green Nissan. Needless everyone was arrested. The moral of the story is, if you are going to outsmart the cops, you have to be smart yourself.  

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