Cmon 2 Chainz, you are too old for this. We know you a rapper but fam you gotta be smarter than that. So according to reports drugs and guns were seized from the rappers tour bus on the arrest that occurred on Aug 22 2013. THe list of stuff found on the tour bus was released and was crazy check out the list below….

1. two .40-caliber semi-automatic pistols

2. partial box of ammunition for .40 caliber

3. Twenty shells for the 12-gauge shotgun

4. prescription medications hydrocodone and Flexeril but without prescriptions

5. marijuana residue

6. metal grinders

7. smoking papers with marijuana residue


According to reports the tour bus was pulled over on Aug 22 on Interstate 40 because  its rear tail lights were not working.

The officer smelled marijuana when the driver opened the door and could actually see smoke, according to the affidavit. The crazy part was that it was reported that the driver of the bus shook his head NO when asked to get off and he held up a small copy of the US Constitution, now that’s gangsta. Oh well, yall know they posted bail to get out after being arrested, so I guess we shall stay tuned to see how this turns out… 

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